Cimcorp partners Emkat Solutions Ltd

Emkat Solutions Ltd is delighted to announce a partnership with Cimcorp Oy for the UK and Ireland.  This partnership will provide local support for both existing clients and for those considering the unique benefits of Cimcorp’s automated storage, retrieval and order fulfillment solutions.


Emkat Solutions Ltd will be facilitating Cimcorp’s ambitious regional growth for its Multipick and 3D-Shuttle solutions. Multipick providing huge cost, efficiency and hygiene benefits for the beverage, food production and distribution markets. The 3D Shuttle being a superb automated storage and retrieval system for goods-to-person picking in distribution and ecommerce.


The Emkat Solutions team has a wealth of experience in the sales, design, execution and support of automated materials handling systems across Europe.


Cimcorp’s Multipick and 3D shuttles have unique benefits and compelling ROI for the majority of required applications. If you would like to discuss or receive advice on how a Cimcorp system could be the ideal solution for your automated materials handling & logistics requirements, please contact Dave Berridge and his team:



Office:     +44(0)1858 414320

Mobile:    +44(0)7831 698022


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